Zelus Token

Unveiling ZELUS, a revolution in the crypto space powered by the ingenious ERC-404 token standard. This trailblazing token amalgamates the best of both ERC-20 and ERC-721 standards, radically redefining NFT trading.

CA: To Be Announced

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Private sale: 60%
LP: 30%
Team: 10%
50BNB Softcap /200BNB hardcap
LP ratio 50%
Price per token on launch: 10 usd
Tokens per 1 BNB on launch: 30 NFTS/TOKENS
Private sale details:
1BNB minimum buy/ 3BNB max buy


There will be total supply of 10,000.

No Tax

There is no tax on the token.


Lp will be locked for 6 months.


ZELUS takes its name and inspiration from the Greek deity Zelus, known as the personification of dedication and eager rivalry. Just as Zelus was revered in mythology, our token aims to command respect in the blockchain world with its innovative design and functionality.

The ZELUS experience is unparalleled - buy a token, and an NFT is minted directly to your wallet; sell it, and the NFT vanishes. It's more than an asset; it's a thrilling journey in the dynamic world of NFTs!

With a capped supply of 10,000 tokens and a zero-tax policy, ZELUS is set to disrupt the market. Be part of history and the future as you embrace the ZELUS revolution, the token that's redefining boundaries!"